When it comes to curriculum, Filix School of Education follows the CBSE guidelines and aspires to be a full-fledged higher secondary school in near future. But when it comes to teaching philosophy and methodology, Filix school of Education is a school that tries to make a difference in a child’s lifelong journey of education and experience building. 

We, at Filix believe in research oriented progressive learning methodology right from the preprimary years. The educators around the world agree that first hand involvement of children in learning activities can do wonders in early concept building and successfully creates worthwhile experiences for the lifetime for the child. Working on the same lines, we have framed our entire teaching philosophy as interaction based rather than merely instructional. 

The preprimary section follows the curriculum of International Montessori Association and the learning methods are built around pure Montessori philosophy featuring a no-strain environment where each child learns at his/her own pace. The children are involved in educational and fun activities through which they undergo peer learning, numerous sensory games and build up their fine and gross motor skills. We make it a point to ensure that our expansive campus is used liberally for the little ones so that they can spend ample time with nature which they love so much. We have a state of the art children’s park and a playground which has learning aids for them to use. A heady balance of indoor and outdoor activities is a part of our everyday time table at the preprimary school. While framing the curriculum of the primary school we have emphatically shunned the traditional rote learning approach and embraced the hands on approach of teaching and learning. It might be worthwhile to mention that NCERT in its guidelines encourages schools to take up activity and project based learning methodologies to enrich the educational experience of the children. The lessons in the primary school, comprises a number of class room activities, experiments, audio-visual inputs, nature safaris and cultural elements very carefully planned and incorporated by our experienced resource persons. Projects on electricity, horticulture, creative writing and many more are class room activities and everyday affair for our primary kids. The teachers act as friends and facilitators who guide the children in actively participating in these activities which in turn creates a joyful classroom environment. Music, dance and sports are integral part of our curriculum where each child participates with great gusto. We firmly believe that each child is endowed with curiosity and has a natural urge to learning. Through our methodology we simply kindle the spark which already exists in a child. We put our heart and soul to make the process of learning enjoyable and enriching in every single way. To sum up our educational philosophy we turn again to the immortal words of Swami Vivekananda, “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in Man.”

Nursery to KG-II: All evaluation is based on class performance, oral work and informal assessments. 
STD-I to VI : First Term, Second Term 

Progress Report Cards will be based on continuous formative assessments which will be taken in class in the form of CW, Projects, Assignments and Activities throughout the year as per the CBSE guidelines.



Type of Assessment

Percentage of weightage in academic session


Term – 1

(April – September)

Periodic Test


Total  =  100


Note Book



Subject Enrichment



Half yearly Examination


Term – 2

(October – March)

Periodic Test


Total  =  100


Note Book



Subject Enrichment



Half yearly Examination


Co-Curricular Activities and various aspects of child’s development are assessed by grading as per CBSE guidelines
Note :- Unit test will be class - test only after the completion of the chapters / lesson.
            (No re-test will be taken) 

Students have to be particular in doing class-work & home-work. They should pay through attention in reading, writing and conversation skills.


(April – September)
For Nursery7.30 a.m. – 9.30 a.m.
For KG-I7.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.
For KG-II7.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.
For STD-I(Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
For STD-I(Tuesday, Thursday)
7.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.
7.30 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.
For STD-II, STD-III, STD-IV, STD-V7.30 a.m. – 1.30 p.m.
(October – March)
For Nursery10.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
For KG-I, KG-II8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
For STD-I(Monday, Wednesday, Friday)
For STD-I(Tuesday, Thursday)
8.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.
8.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m.
For STD-II, STD-III, STD-IV, STD-V8.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m.

** Timings subject to change 
Note - The dispersal will be 15 minutes after the final bell.

15th April 2019MondayBengali New Year
19th AprilFridayGood Friday
1st May 2019WednesdayMay Day
13th May – 23rd June 2019-------Summer Holiday
12th August 2019MondayId Ul Zuha
15th August 2019ThursdayIndependence Day
10th September 2019TuesdayMuharram
29th September 2019SundayMahalaya
2nd October 2019WednesdayGandhi Jayanti
3rd - 13th October 2019--------Durga Puja Vacation
27th - 30th October 2019--------Kali Puja & Bhatri Dwitiya
12th November 2019Tuesday
Guru Nanak Jayanti
23rd - 25th December 2019Monday, Tuesday & WednesdayX – Mass Celebration
10th January 2020FridayTemple Foundation Day
12th January 2020SundayNational Youth Day
15th January 2020Wednesday
Makar Sankranti
23rd January 2020ThursdayNetaji’s Birthday
26th January 2020SundayRepublic Day
29th January 2020WednesdaySaraswati Puja
9th & 10th March 2020Monday & TuesdayDol Purnima & Holi

* subject to change
                                     Filix Fest 2019




20th – 26th October 2019



31st October & 1st November 2019

Thursday & Friday

Stage Rehearsal

2nd November 2019


Final Show

Admission for the session of 2019-'20 is going on. For details pl contact our school office.


The school lays great emphasis on discipline. The following are regarded as a breach of school discipline: 
- slackness, disobedience and disregard of the rules 
- lack of good manners, and words or actions likely to lower the image of the school 
- derogatory remarks about elders, teachers and other students 

The school reserves the right to expel students whose diligence or progress in studies is considered unsatisfactory, on sustained basis, or whose conduct is harmful to the growth of other students. Immorality, insubordination, contempt of authority and causing damage to school properties are sufficient reasons for initiating punitive action against guilty students. 

1. Parents are requested not to enter classrooms to see their children or teachers during school hours. 
2. Parents are required to inform the school office, if there is any change in their address, telephone numbers and other relevant information, immediately. 
3. Children, when sick, should not be sent to school to attend classes. The institution will not be responsible for any claims arising through illness or accidental injury of any student. 
4. Any adverse criticism of the school or its teachers in the presence of a student, should be strictly avoided, because such incidents are likely to erode the respect of the students for their teachers thus retarding their academic progress. 
5. Any communication made by the parent /guardian should be addressed to the Class Teacher. The Address and Phone No., Admission No., Name of the Student, Class, Section etc. should be clearly mentioned in the reference. 
6. Parents should sign the Progress Report Card and return it to the Class Teacher on the next working day. If lost / mutilated, a replacement of the Progress Report will be made on payment of a fine of Rs.100. 
7. The name, class and section of the student should be clearly marked on all belongings of the students e.g. books, bags, water bottle, tiffin box etc. 
8. Parents are expected to maintain close vigil on attendance, punctuality and disciplined behavior of the students, and keep an eye on their activities beyond school hours. If the student is not able to attend classes for a few days, for some important and unavoidable reasons, prior permission of the Class Teacher should invariably, be obtained. 
9. In case the exigencies of a situation make it impossible to apply for advance permission of absence from class, the Class Teacher should be informed of the reasons of absence of the student at the earliest opportunity. The parents should consult the student’s diary / notice every day. They are advised to check the school bags of their wards to find out if any circular / notice / invitation letter etc. has been issued or not. Parents are also requested to acknowledge the communication sheet in the school almanac by affixing their signatures in it. In case a student is absent from his class for 1 or more than 1 day the parents should see the Class Teacher after making prior appointment, and make copies of tuitions imparted in the class on those particular days themselves. The concerned Class Teacher will not provide any written copies to the parents. 
10. Students are expected to take proper care of all the school properties. In case of any damage caused to the school properties by the students, the same will be made good by the concerned students along with fines imposed for such acts. 
11. Students are not allowed to wear earrings in the school. Girls are allowed to wear only a pair of small rings / studs on both the ears. Students are not allowed to apply nail polish / mehendi / tattoos / kajal etc.. 
12. Students are advised not to carry any cash or expensive articles. Electronic gadgets / Mobiles are not allowed in the school. If found, disciplinary proceeding will be initiated after seizing the set. The gadget will be returned after completion of the academic session. 
12(a). The students of our school are being taught about traffic rules. It is a humble request to the parents to follow the same. Parents riding motorbikes to bring their children to school to please wear helmets themselves and provide a helmet(s) to your child/children. It is for your safety and is mandatory under the law 
13. It is compulsory for all students to attend school on the first day of the beginning of a semester or after each vacation, and the last day before the end of a semester / beginning of a vacation. In the event of noncompliance of these instructions appropriate disciplinary action will be taken by the school authority. 
14. The students, whose parents repeatedly, fail to meet the school authorities when advised to do so, may not be allowed to attend the classes. 
15. Meeting the Class/Subject Teachers: Only after prior appointment from the school office. 
16. Parents are advised to consult the school calendar and the circulars issued from time to time, before making enquiries. 
17. Parents and guardians are requested to read and explain the school rules to their wards. 
18. Strict action will be taken against students using unfair means in examination. 
19. In case a particular student misses his / her assessment due to his / her absence from the school, there will not be any reassessment for the student. 
20. No student is allowed to bring gifts, presents, return gifts etc. except for a limited number of toffees/candies, for his classmates, on any special occasion. 
21. Students must wear the school uniform on all school days, including their birthdays and festival days. 
22. Parents are requested to carry the Escort Card on their person, while attending a function organised by the school. If the card is damaged or lost, an application along with one / two identical photo(s) should be submitted to the office, and a temporary Identity / Escort Card, as the case may be, will be issued. Parents will be required to pay Rs. 50/- for issue of temporary Identity Card / Escort Card. 
23. Efforts are being made to make the school campus ‘plastic free zone’. Parents are requested not to send articles like food, stationery, craft articles etc. to the school in polythene bags. 
24. Tuition fees for a particular month should be paid by the 15th day of the month. In case of late submission of tuition fees, a fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged. Rebates described below, will be admissible for payment of tuition fees in advance.

If the half yearly fees are paid at a time: Rebate= 4% 
If the Annual fees are paid at a time: Rebate= 7%

25. The school authorities disapprove of private tuition by the school teachers. Parents / Guardians are requested not to approach the teachers for private tuition to their wards. In case some extra academic supports are needed by a student outside the classroom, the parents / guardians may approach the school authorities with specific requests, and efforts will be made to accommodate these requests according to the convenience of the school and the teachers. 

All Students are expected to: 
- be polite and disciplined always. They should remember that the school is assessed by the general public based on the conduct of its students. They should politely greet the teachers and elders when they meet them. Bullying, use of foul language and vulgar behaviour will lead to strict disciplinary action. 
- take good care of their health and keep themselves physically fit and strong. 
- never be cruel. They should understand that cruelty is the trait of a weak person while kindness is the mark of the strong. Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished. 
- accept and complete whatever work is assigned to them. . 
- face all unforeseen situations with courage and confidence. 
- to extend helping hand at home to their parents, brothers and sisters; and to teachers, schoolmates and visitors in the school. 
- never cheat or adopt unfair means. 
- stand up when a teacher or an elder enters the classroom. 
- be truthful. 
- respect the aesthetics of the school premises and report to their teachers, damage if any, caused to the school infrastructures. 
- say ‘NO’ when asked or tempted to do something, which they know is not right. 
- respect the liberty and rights of others. 
- keep their classrooms clean and use the school furniture carefully. 
- look upon everybody as their brothers and sisters irrespective of their caste, colour, creed and religion. 
- not to waste their time in idle gossips. 
- take pride in wearing the school uniform. They should not wear the school uniform in any public place outside the school, without prior permission. 
- refrain from shouting or whistling in the school campus, running on the corridors and throwing things outside the windows, physically hurting a person inside the classroom or in the corridor or outside the school and throwing any object at anyone. 
- trim their hair regularly. The hair must not cover the forehead or touch the collar of their shirts. Girls, who have long hair should tie their hair in neat ponytails or plaits. 
- bring the almanac and school Identity Card everyday. 
- not throw litters in the classrooms, subject rooms, laboratories and on the corridors. 
- take permission in writing, for bringing cameras to the school. They are not allowed to upload any such photograph taken in the school premises on the social media. Any student / parent indulging in such activities on the social media, will face disciplinary action.