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    Filix School of Education was set up by NANRITAM, a non-profit social welfare organization started in 2002 by a few like-minded professionals who have been working in this remote rural area since 2004, starting with a small eye care unit which had grown into a 100 bedded super-speciality eye Hospital in 2012. 

    Being located in an area which have a modern thermal power station run by highly qualified professionals at one corner surrounded by a largely rural countryside with inadequate social infrastructure, Nanritam appreciated the yearning of increasing number of parents from all classes of society in these areas for quality English-medium schooling for their children, given the link between job opportunities, economic success and the English language. It was noted that even illiterate parents aspire and attempt to do whatever is possible to provide English medium education, often of uncertain quality, to their children because education for them acts as a vehicle of social mobility and a means to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty. 

    The Filix school emerged out of Nanritam’s acceptance of this reality that teaching English as a language has become a key determinant for future success and mobility of a child. Nanritam felt that our locational vantage point would enable us to set up a socially integrated schools that would benefit all students as current research shows that when a school reaches a stable level of about 30 percent middle-class students, the lower-income students achieve at higher levels and the privileged students do no worse. 

    The Nanritam team have been visiting a number of pre and elementary schools in USA, Canada and Europe for a direct exposure to their teaching methodologies and research works on child psychology and have adopted those systems in Filix innovatively. 

    Started in April 2014 with three pre-school classes : Nursery, KG I, KG II the school has currently reached STD VII with a total of 543 children (329 boys and 214 girls ). These children are from all sections of society including about 25 percent from the minority community. The aspiration is too make it a full fledged higher secondary school by the year……….

    CBSE Affiliation Number


    Affiliated for Middle Class Sylabus vide No. CBSE/AFF/2430246/MS-00654-1819/2018-19, Dated 29/10/2018 of Central Board of Secondary Education.


    A Journey, an education 

    by Prof. Kaushik Basu

    The Indian EXPRESS on Monday, August 20, 2018

    Travelling in rural Bengal, Jharkhand I saw a village school at the cutting edge, and met ordinary people distressed by political cults of a hate-filled Hinduism…… …… 

    Igniting Young Souls

    A documentary on Filix School of Education

    Speech by Professor Kaushik Basu on 'Indian Economic Development : The Challenges’.

    A speech   by   Professor Kaushik Basu, C. Marks Professor of International Studies and Professor of Economics at Cornell University and Former Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank on 29th July 2018 at 5.30 P.M. at Rabindra Bhavan, Purulia. 

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        6. Admission Notice for the session 2020 - 2021
                 Nursery                  :   17th January 2020 (Friday)
                 KG-I                       :   18th January 2020 (Saturday)
                 KG-II  to  STD-VII   :   19th January 2020 (Sunday) 
                                                  *(Office will be open for admission only)
                                                        20th January 2020 (Monday)
    ** We regret the error in the examination date. 8th February 2020 (Saturday) EVS (Written) 
          will be shifted to 12th February 2020 (Wednesday) EVS (Written). Seeking utmost co-operation.